Full Protection for your Pinball Machine

Protectors for Full Protection of your Pinball MachineProtectors serve to protect and maintain the value of the pinball machine. Especially shooter lane and playfield protectors protect the wooden playing field of the pinball machine. Likewise there are typical protection shields as hole-, cliffy-, scoop-, kickout-, ball eject and ball trough protectors. In addition, other special protectors, which protect for example the ramps or other sensitive playing field parts, are in the assortment of PU-parts.com.

Brand new are the Coloured Lighting Protectors (CLiP):

These are fluorescent protectors to be mounted under the original plastics on the playing field. They also provide protection and maintain value. A CLiP set is usually cheaper than new original plastics from the manufacturer, as these often cannot be ordered individually, but only as a set. In addition, colourful CLiP beautify current pinball models with their bright design. These CLiP protectors are available for almost all pinball machines of the second spike generation. CLiP sets are developed and produced by Pinball Universe (PU) on behalf of Mezel Mods, so they are Made in Germany.