Mod your Pin! Mods for Pinball Machines

Pinball Mods! Moddings for Pinball MachinesModifications (also called mods or moddings) are accessories for pinball machines that modify them visually, technically or acoustically. Numerous mods are equipped with lighting and are usually strongly tailored to the respective pinball model.

Mods can often only be fitted to the Pro or only to the Premium/LE versions of the pinball machine in question. Usually Pro models are not as detailed decorated as Premium and limited edition units. Typical modifications include small figures, signs, buildings, vehicles, airplanes, decorated covers and other small parts, often with additional LEDs.

One of the most famous manufacturers of this type of modding is Mezel Mods. To pinball manufacturers such as Stern Pinball, Jersey Jack Pinball and American Pinball, Mezel Mods offers various modifications shortly after the launch of a new pinball model. is the official distributor for Mezel Mods in Europe and has many products in stock and in assortment.

Besides optical modifications, sound upgrades are popular for pinball machines. For the respective technical generations of pinball machines, the manufacturer Flipper Fidelity offers "Plug & Play" sound systems. There are numerous other suppliers and products to modify the playfield or cabinet when playing pinball. Even the small nuts and bolts on the playfield can be exchanged for colored anodized Chroma Pinball copies made of high-quality aluminum.

Furthermore, there are mods that you don't see or notice at first glance, such as silent power supply fans and anti-reflective playfield glasses. Or mods for haptic feedback like shaker motors, which can only be felt by vibration in the corresponding game situations.

Ultimately, there is something for almost every pinball model and every pinball owner. Some pinball fans buy new pinball machines right away with individual equipment and have these additional parts assembled by the dealer. Other buyers convert their pinball machine themselves, because they enjoy the assembly or they bought the machine second-hand from a private owner. Especially after a change of ownership, pinball machines are often optically and technically overhauled and made fresh again. On this occasion, pinball machines are often individualized.